Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Asbury Park

The mile long Asbury Park Boardwalk is located 60 miles south of New York City and approximately 90 minutes north of Atlantic City. Once known as the "Crown Jewel" of the New Jersey Shore - a comeback is in the making.Asbury Park has once again taken steps to become a top destination of the Jersey Shore.

A rock Mecca of the 1970’s and 1980’s, this seaside town is enjoying a cultural renaissance. Asbury Park is an architectural paradise lined with a rich inventory of Queen Anne Victorian, Gothic, Federal Revival and Modern structures.

A unique opportunity to own real estate a home or a business still exists on the Asbury Park Waterfront Contact Asbury Park Properties Now to request a list of available homes or investment opportunities.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Lavallette NJ

Lavallette is a borough that is located in Ocean County, New Jersey. Its location makes it a great seaside family resort with its lovely ocean front retreats fantastic shopping district and renowned restaurants.Lavallette is known for its tranquility & soft sounds of the beach and bay waves. One of the benefits of buying a waterfront property in Lavallette is the offshore sandbars are out far enough to protect the beautiful shoreline.
The boardwalk stretches for about 28 blocks along the beach, adding to Lavallette's traditional fun. It is most ideal for the walkers, both the power kind and those who just meander.If you're a big beach lover, you'll enjoy catching the right wave riding a raft, boogie board, or surfboard. The low tides form a shallow pool-like area for youngsters who would like to enjoy gentle play.Lavallette has a wonderful waterfront park too. Adults and children enjoy all that the park has to offer. Bayside swimming, picnicking, fishing & crabbing on the piers, launch ramps for boating, and breathtaking sunsets at the Gazebo.Buying a piece of paradise is just a phone call away. Please e-mail Lavallette Properties for a complete list of available homes.

Bay Head NJ

Bay Head A town of distinct individuality, Bay Head has been called by some "the crown jewel" of the strand of beaches that constitutes Barnegat Beach Island. The timeless beauty of this small country village by the sea is both elegant and casual, creating a mystique that has endured for generations. Since the late 1800's Bay Head has been the favorite vacation place for those who enjoy a certain kind of quiet, a relaxing yet friendly way of life, and a safe haven in which to pursue both land and sea activities.

Over 40 specialty stores and galleries provide a variety of unique goods and services of a type not usually found in average shopping malls. The shops themselves are special, housed as they are in buildings of interesting architecture, some of which are over 100 years old. Antiques, fine art, gifts, clothing and collectibles join with specialties like jewelry, books, plants and sporting equipment to offer the buyer and browser alike a wide variety of interesting shopping choices.

Dining in Bay Head can be a fun experience. The restaurants and food services range from gourmet take-out to award-winning cuisine, all in a generally casual atmosphere. Perhaps the most fun of all is sitting at the outdoor corner cafe and watching the world go by.” If you want to own a distinctive bed and breakfast or oceanfront estate Bay Head NJ is the place to look. I want More Info e-mail Bay Head Properties

Point Pleasant Beach

Beautiful, Scenic Point Pleasant Beach, located at the top of the Intercostals Waterway in Ocean County, New Jersey, has much to offer, beginning with the calm, easy to navigate, deep bottomed Manasquan Inlet at the mouth of the Manasquan River.The town has remained virtually unchanged since the turn of the century. The downtown area reflects architecture of a bygone era, featuring outstanding seafood restaurants, coffee shops, card shops, apparel shops, & sail makers.The beach area offers an energetic boardwalk beautiful white sandy beaches, fine restaurants, The Manasquan Inlet and more. You will always find something to excite every member of your family In Point Pleasant Beach. From free weekly events and yearly food festivals to a relaxed or pulsating night life, there is always something extraordinary to experience.Owning a home in Point Pleasant Beach is a click away e-mail Point Pleasant Properties for a complete list of available homes.

The New Jersey Real Estate Market

I'm a great believer in cycles -- in the stock market, in politics, in relationships, in life -- and definitely cycles in the U.S. real estate market. After cruising along for many months, or sometimes years, we can be yanked up short with a pronounced change in the marketplace. So how should sellers deal with this changing market? Here are some suggestions:

1.) REEL IN EXPECTATIONS. Not so easy to do when prices have been steadily increasing for the last few years -- many sellers still haven't quite adjusted their thinking to this emerging buyers market.

2.) PRICE PROPERTY REALISTICALLY. Forget about last year's figures -- find out what comparable properties have been selling for in the last 2 to 3 months, and what's currently on the market, and their prices -- and then price your property competitively.

3.) GET YOUR PROPERTY SALEABLE. Called "staging", it's now more important than ever to fix minor flaws, think about an extra coat of paint, tidy things up and maximize your "curb" appeal for people driving by. These little extras will greatly improve your chances of getting the best price for your property.

4.) PATIENCE. The inventory of properties for sale is much higher than a year ago. One of the truths about real estate is that ALL properties eventually sell, when the price is right -- in this type of market, it's just going to take longer than last year.

5.) BUYERS ARE THERE ! Most brokers are fairly busy showing properties -- it's just that buyers have more to select from, they are taking their time to find the right property, and they are making sure they're getting a good value.