Monday, May 21, 2007

Lavallette NJ

Lavallette is a borough that is located in Ocean County, New Jersey. Its location makes it a great seaside family resort with its lovely ocean front retreats fantastic shopping district and renowned restaurants.Lavallette is known for its tranquility & soft sounds of the beach and bay waves. One of the benefits of buying a waterfront property in Lavallette is the offshore sandbars are out far enough to protect the beautiful shoreline.
The boardwalk stretches for about 28 blocks along the beach, adding to Lavallette's traditional fun. It is most ideal for the walkers, both the power kind and those who just meander.If you're a big beach lover, you'll enjoy catching the right wave riding a raft, boogie board, or surfboard. The low tides form a shallow pool-like area for youngsters who would like to enjoy gentle play.Lavallette has a wonderful waterfront park too. Adults and children enjoy all that the park has to offer. Bayside swimming, picnicking, fishing & crabbing on the piers, launch ramps for boating, and breathtaking sunsets at the Gazebo.Buying a piece of paradise is just a phone call away. Please e-mail Lavallette Properties for a complete list of available homes.

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