Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Brielle has quite a history which leads back as far as the 1600's Henry Hudson, a Dutch explorer, discovered this area in September of 1609 while sailing his ship the "Half Moon." The local Indians were quite surprised as he landed his ship in what is now Monmouth County.Over the years Brielle has grown into a fine upscale residential community with many of its residents commuting to careers in New York. With charming vintage homes and large estate sized properties.The main industry is still tied to the waterfront. Brielle’s marinas host more than 200 commercial and charter fishing boats. Although there is no ocean frontage There are riverfront estate homes that are desired by many. Residents enjoy a quick drive or bike ride to the the beautiful beaches of Pt. Pleasant and Manasquan.Email Homes In Brielle For More Information

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