Friday, November 9, 2012

Hurricane SANDY ..... Please send a quick email to your local, state and federal representatives.

Today Governor Christie said "I want to be honest and direct about this. This recovery phase is going to take months — months, if not years — to be completed fully and to our satisfaction. The devastation we’ve seen over the last week is not something that can be rebuilt overnight. And I have to tell you a hard truth. Next summer is not going to be like last summer." The Governor stated, Sandy is our Katrina," and he would work to ensure New Jersey receives the same attention and federal support given to states along the Gulf Coast after the 2005 hurricane there. He said he planned to meet with his cabinet in the days ahead to map out a long-term strategy.

 If your looking to help ......Contact your representatives......... Fight for New Jersey. FEMA is currently sevicing all of the areas indicated on the map, on the front page of their web-site.... The people of New Jersey need to put heavy pressure on the Federal Government to support New Jersey quickly, for a speedy recovery. This must be done buy our officials from the local level up to the federal level. You local officials put pressure on the county and the county puts pressure on the state all the way up the line... Contact all of them..........We Are and must remain JERSEY STRONG"
This is far from over, and it has been particularly devistating to the Jersey Shore. Please send that e-mail........

Kind Regards & God Bless

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