Friday, December 13, 2013

All Newly Built Homes in New Jersey Will Be Required to have a fire suppression system installed..

It Will Cost More Money To Build A New Home In New Jersey
NJ Assembly Bill No. 1570. The “New Home Fire Safety Act,”

Will require the installation of a fire suppression system in all new single and two family homes during the home’s construction. The provisions of the bill would not apply to manufactured homes, or to any single and two family homes that are not connected to public water systems. The bill would also provide that a certificate of occupancy may not be issued for a new home until the State or local code enforcement agency determines that the home is equipped with a fire suppression system that conforms to State Uniform Construction Code systems promulgated by the Commissioner of Community Affairs. Equipping new single and two-family homes with fire suppression systems will provide protection for the State’s residents and firefighters. Any modifications made by the Commissioner of Community Affairs to the State Uniform Construction Code must require all fire suppression systems to be in compliance with State administrative regulations regarding physical connections and cross connection control, mandate the installation of separate shut-off valves, and require a meter for measuring water usage dedicated to fire suppression. The bill permits municipalities and the Commissioner of Community Affairs to each establish a fee that covers the cost of inspection and the issuance of a certificate of occupancy. The requirements of this bill would apply to newly constructed single and two-family homes as of the first day of the seventh month after enactment. Accordingly, development plans and building permits approved prior to the bill’s effective date would not be subject to the provisions of the bill. This bill is identical to Senate Bill No. 2273
There is no doubt that these senate and assembly bills will affect NJ home builders, new home buyers and any land owner who wants to build their own new home in the State of New Jersey.


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